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Since 1974 Swiss Rotary Table Technology

pL LEHMANN has been developing and producing CNC rotary tables for over 40 years. – genuine SWISS QUALITY. The experience gained is incorporated into our products and services. With innovative CNC rotary axes, organized in a standard modular system, we want to meet the international needs for economical production of very small to medium-sized work-pieces in the machining industry by satisfying individual requirements with appropriate combinations.

We focus ourselves, our organization, resources and partnerships on this objective, immersed in a lean business system, where we avoid waste of any kind. In this way we make a significant contribution to protecting the environment and conserving valuable resources. Our goal is to take a stance in the manufacturing industry that is long-lasting, sustainable and innovative – unpretentious, reliable and down to earth based on the principle "What may be briefly of interest, but wrong in the long term, will be discarded"

At pL SOLUTIONS India, we offer the following services for India and South East Asia.

Technical Support
Our engineers are well trained with our Partners’ to take care of custom made applications as well as standard products. You can reach the respective engineers at our regional offices. 

Customer Training
Our service engineers are available to train your personnel on standard operating procedures and maintenance activities. Service engineers are located at all our regional offices. We offer training for your maintenance personnel the customer‘s place. 

Spare parts
We stock spares and consumables required for the various products and also offer to expedite dispatch of non-standard parts from our Partners against orders received. We partner with TNT for urgent dispatches from our European principals to ensure “on time delivery”. For after sales services you can register your requirements in our contact form and our service personnel will contact you for your requirements. 

Repairs and Re-furbishing
Our trained engineers can do repair and overhauling of your products. 

Buy back offers
We offer to buy back old pL LEHMANN rotary tables against new purchases after the old table is checked for functionality by our service engineers.